Tea House

A rustic house, surrounded by matching in the heart of Vale do Sousa. A foreign country, combined with a modern interior, despite the antique furniture and vintage, which perpetuates a certain aura of tranquility.
Forum for the consumption of tea, decorated in pastel colors with round tables, chairs with floral motifs and Japanese blinds to discover the windows. Here visitors will enjoy a wide variety of teas and infusions, accompanied by traditional scones.

It is promoting and encouraging interaction and leisure activities, cultural events and entertainment, including "Gathering" subject to various practices of regional interest.
It also serves to highlight the social and cultural practices, with emphasis on the encouragement of reading and retrieval habits, and even traditions.

Tea lovers can not resist to turn this space into a place of worship.
The most that this space is devoted, the opportunity to practice and the influence of culture.
Just to mix a multitude of tastes according to the rhythm of life of each one. See for yourself, watch the videos!

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